Shane Small

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Shane Small developed the re-imagining of Twilight Zone as an interactive series for CBS. He recently created The House a Hulu original horror anthology. Shane is also working with Facebook's innovations lab, on an undisclosed project. He consulted on defining the role of interactive content within Netflix. Shane recently sold an interactive show to Sony Entertainment called EXP.

He was Executive Creative Director of Shell’s 'Make the Future' campaign, resulting in 260 million views worldwide and top viral campaign of 2016.

Previously he was creator and founder of Exploding Kittens - the highest backed Kickstarter in history which raised $8,782,571 with 219,382 backers and became #1 game on Kickstarter. At Xbox Entertainment Studios, he worked on original interactive movies and TV shows for the Xbox gaming console, as well as some of their marketing and design. He was also Creative Director of one of T-Mobile’s most successful marketing campaigns. Prior to that, amongst other things, he founded Edoc Laundry, the first interactive clothing brand, where hidden messages and codes in the clothing unlocked murder mystery video content online, and also Funtini, where he developed games for Marvel & Disney.