Hannah Ter Vree

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Hannah Ter Vree, originally from Georgetown, Indiana, received her BA degree from Indiana University in telecommunications, with a minor in math and gender studies. During her study at IU, she joined the IUSTV News Department where she held the position of Senior Producer. In addition to her work at IUSTV, she took numerous high-level production courses, for which she became the primary editor and motion graphics artist. Before her senior year, Hannah obtained an internship at Tiny Hero, an entertainment marketing company in Burbank, California. 

In 2014 Hannah graduated from IU and was offered an assistant editor position at Tiny Hero. After about a year, she was promoted to post supervisor and recently post producer. Hannah continues to work at Tiny Hero as the post producer, overseeing the entire post department. She holds numerous responsibilities which include, but are not limited to, supervising AEs, editors, and graphic artists, managing deadlines, liaising between clients and the creative team, delivering all final creative per required specs. 

As Hannah continues to move forward in the industry, her goal is to become an entertainment marketing creative producer. As an Indiana native succeeding in the entertainment industry, Hannah hopes to provide other students from the Midwest advise, encouragement and opportunities to help them further their creative careers.