David Bierdeman

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David Bierdeman is an artist and animator who has recently focused his nearly decade worth of professional industry experience, knowledge, and leadership into teaching at Central Michigan University.

He started his career by creating animated short films using a variety of mediums that were successfully entered into film festivals, receiving awards and nominations. Chad then sojourned through different studios including SkyVu Inc, in Omaha Nebraska, and Copernicus Studios in Nova Scotia Canada. While in Canada he functioned as Animation Supervisor, Special Effects Supervisor, and Revisions Supervisor, for clients such as Disney XD, Amazon Prime, and Nickelodeon.

From Canada he traveled to Central Michigan to begin teaching. Here he has been teaching and inspiring the next generation of animators. He continues to function professionally within the animation industry by networking with local animation studios, freelancing on a Netflix show, and collaboratively working on an animated short film.