Adam Gaynor

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Born in Manhattan, New York, Adam Gaynor was an original member of the band Matchbox Twenty.

According to Billboard Magazine, for almost 10 years, Matchbox20 was one of the most played bands on radio. From 1995 to 2004, Matchbox 20 sold in excess of 25 million records, and played thousands of shows to millions of fans around the world. The band also received three Grammy nominations, two American Music Nods, earned a People’s Choice award in 2004, and won Rolling Stone Magazine’s Band of the Year in 1998. In 2008, CEO Adam Gaynor founded his new love, “Creationville”, a multi-media entertainment company that specializes in toys, animation and television content.

He spoke on a NARAS Education panel and hosted dozens of events in Florida and California which include: The Temecula International Film Festival, Hollywood Music & Media Award Shows, A Drukpa Organization Charity fundraiser, a David Lynch Foundation Event and a Fender Music Foundation Night of talent to raise money for schools.

Gaynor currently lives in Southern California developing television and licensing IP while inspiring the next generation of creative talent.

In 2016, Adam gave the graduation commencement speech for The Art Institute of Hollywood, California, teaching the next generation of Artists, Animators, Musicians and Designers that Dreams really CAN come true!