212 is a creative network, connecting creatives to the resources and knowledge they need to turn ideas
into opportunities regardless of geographic or economic limitations.


Our Vision 

We believe that everyone has the right to create and pursue their creative work professionally.
Through the creative network that powers 212, we provide access to the resources, knowledge and
industry connectivity needed to take your creative work to the next level. From ideation, to development and production,
212 is art made possible through a more open and equitable creative world.



How many times can I apply?
You can apply in two ways.

  1. Get a 212 Critique. All projects that go through Critique are automatically reviewed for potential 212 incubator residents.

  2. Submit a project for residency: If your project meets our residency criteria, you can submit an application for residency directly. However, applications for residency that bypass the 212 Critique are more expensive and are not guaranteed project feedback if rejected.

How many times can I get a critique?
One critique per project - no limit.

How long does it take to get my critique?
Between 1 and 2 weeks.

When do residencies begin?
Projects are reviewed on a rolling basis. Residency start dates will vary.

If my project is rejected, what then?
If your project is “rejected,” it will be accompanied by a brief project critique. Feel free to refine the project based on this critique and apply again. In some cases where the project goal is too ambitious at the time of the residency start date, applicants may be asked to scale back the project goal.

Can I get a critique or apply for residency as a team?
Yes, but be aware when applying, on-site residency space is limited and we only may be able to accommodate a small group.

What if I have a great idea, but not enough work to apply?
That’s what Critiques are for. 212 Critiques put your work, at whatever stage, in front of professionals working in your project’s focus area. Use their feedback to refine and further develop your project. If the revision is solid enough, you might get offered a residency.

What are the costs?
One Sheet* (Critique) - $45.00
Residency applications - $75.00

*Select One Sheet critiques that are strong enough may be chosen for residency.

If accepted Residents will pledge to give back to the incubator a tax-deductible gift of 1-5% of the revenue generated from the project(s) developed during their residency. This will go back towards the program so that other artists can gain access regardless of their geographic or economic station.

Spring Residency (Feb 18  - August 18) Deadline for applications: Oct 26
Residency begins: February 18



The application is a two-step process. Once the applicant pays the application fee, they will be prompted to fill out the initial application. Be prepared to provide:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Age

  • Email

  • Education Level

  • Project Title

  • Project Description (one sentence)

  • Project Outline (two paragraphs)

  • Project Need (resident or satellite)

  • Link to Portfolio or Project Sample

  • Link to Social Media Accounts

All applications will then be reviewed and critiqued by the 212 Advisory Board. All applicants will receive the critique with additional questions about their proposal to respond to by a date to be determined by the Advisory Board.