212 is a creative network, connecting creatives to the resources and knowledge they need to turn ideas into opportunities regardless of geographic or economic limitations.  

Our Vision

We believe that everyone has the right to create and pursue their creative work professionally.

Through the creative network that powers 212, we provide access to the resources, knowledge and industry connectivity needed to take your creative work to the next level. From ideation, to development and production, 212 is art made possible through a more open and equitable creative world.

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The 212 Creative Network is made up of an advisory board of professional artists and creatives working in a variety of mediums. These range from writers, illustrators and filmmakers, to producers and experts in interactive art and creative coding. Along with their experience, each member of the 212 Creative Network brings a unique perspective and knowledge set to 212, helping each resident to make their ideas a reality.



Residents of the 212 incubator program are paired with a mentor from the 212 creative network. Over the next 6 month session, incubator residents will receive access to weekly mentor communication, monthly meetings and access to a variety of resources at our networks disposal.

Whether you’re onsite at the 212 studio in Fort Wayne IN or offsite anywhere around the nation, a 212 residency is here to help you connect your work to opportunities and the professional creative world.




The first step in your creative journey, 212 critique offers an objective assessment of your project or portfolio. When you purchase a 212 critique, you’ll submit a link to your project sample or portfolio for our community of mentors in the 212 Creative Network to review.

Following your purchase, you’ll receive a one-sheet assessment of your project or portfolio. Turnaround time is approximately 1 - 2 weeks.