212 is a place for art and artists. It’s a place for ideas: creative, insightful and daring ones. Ideas that make our world better, more beautiful, more interesting. And it’s a place to connect and collaborate. To experiment, iterate, refine, and launch ideas and stories into the world. Together.

Our mission is to advance artists with the inspiration, resources and preparation they need to turn ideas into reality and to foster the creative economy in our region and the world.

Through 212, individual artists will have access to space, creative tools and one-on-one mentorship with established professionals. Whether you are a freelance artist, a writer with a story to tell, or a recent college graduate looking for a creative community, 212 is here to help you achieve your goals.

Welcome to 212 by Artlink. This is Art Made Possible.



How It Works

Fill out and submit a project application online

Your application will be reviewed by the advisory board.


If your application is selected for review, you will be invited to submit a full project application. 


If accepted, you will be invited to be one of six-to-twelve on-site residents with access to a shared studio space and designated production equipment such as computers, scanners, etc. You’ll then be paired with a mentor that will assist you through regular communication, critique and exchange of knowledge during the duration of your residency. 




We understand that not all artists need or even prefer a shared studio or additional production equipment. Some might simply be lacking the knowledge or connectivity necessary to take their project from idea to audience.

Though working on their project off-site, satellite residents will have access to one on one mentoring from an artist specializing in the area of the project. This mentor will assist the satellite resident during the duration of their off-site residency.

In addition to access to mentors, off-site residents will be invited to attend (in-person or via-webcast when available) visiting professional artist workshops, talks and mentor meet-ups.



If accepted residents will only be charged $10 a month administration fee. Following the completion of the project, residents will pledge to give back to the incubator a tax-deductible gift of 1-5% of the revenue generated from the project(s) developed during their stay. This will go back towards the program so that other artists can gain access regardless of their geographic or economic station.



professional AND graduates






How many times can I apply?
One application per project. - No limit.

How many projects will be accepted?
One project per residency period.

When do residencies begin?
Projects are reviewed every 4 months. Project start dates will vary.

If my project is rejected what then?
If your project is “rejected,” it will be accompanied by a brief project critique. Feel free to refine the project based on this critique and apply again. In some cases where the project goal is too ambitious for the time residency period, applicants may be asked to scale back the project goal.

Can I apply as a team?
Yes, but be aware when applying, on-site residency’s space is limited and we only may be able to accommodate a small group.

What if my team is spread out? Can I still apply?

What if I have a great idea, but not enough work to apply?
212 residency’s are for projects that have enough work completed for the residents to achieve a creative and professional benchmark by the end of the residency. Use the application as a template to review your project. If you can complete the application, we will review the project.

Fall Residency (August 6 - Jan 25) Deadline for applications:  April 27
Invitation to complete full application: May 25
Notification of Residency: June 18 - June 22
Residency begins: August 6

Spring Residency (Feb 18  - June 28) Deadline for applications: Sept 28
Invitation to complete full application: Oct 15
Notification of Residency: Nov 12 - Nov 16
Residency begins: February 18



The advisory board is made up of professional artists and creatives currently working professionally in their creative medium. These range from independent writers, illustrators and creators, to producers and experts in interactive art and creative coding. Along with their experience, each advisory board member brings a unique perspective and knowledge set to 212, helping each resident to make their ideas a reality.  

Adam Green


Adam Green is originally from Fort Wayne Indiana, and is a graduate from the University of Saint Francis (2002).  He has been animating professionally for about fifteen years, getting his start in the video game industry in San Francisco.  Some of his early titles included "Shrek Superslam" and "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" for Activision and LucasArts, respectively.

He then moved to White Plains, New York to work on his first animated film at Blue Sky Studios, "Horton Hears a Who."  While there, he also worked on "Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" and "Rio" before moving to Los Angeles to work at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

At Disney, he animated on the films "Bolt," “Tangled”, “Wreck-It Ralph”, “Frozen”, and “Big Hero 6,” as well as several shorts. He was then co-Head of Animation with Eric Goldberg on the shortfilm “Get a Horse," and was a Supervising Animator on the film “Moana,” heading up the characters Heihei, Pua and the Kakamora. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, and is working on “Wreck-It Ralph 2." 

Laura Hilker.png


212 Co-chair

Laura Hilker is a Producer and Creative Executive in Chicago. Hilker develops scripted content for TV, film & digital, as well as produces video for brands.  From 2005 to 2015, Hilker worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles at such companies as FOX, Fox Television Animation, and Michael Eisner's production company, The Tornante Company. She produced The Cleveland Show’s promo for the 2007 Upfronts in New York City and did voices for the series. Hilker helped Tornante develop and sell the highly regarded animated series, BoJack Horseman, to Netflix, its first adult animated original series. Hilker currently works with United Talent Agency to produce animated concepts for Network distribution. Hilker loves stories, traveling, and sleuthing. Angela Lansbury is her hero.


Hannah Ter Vree

Hannah Ter Vree, originally from Georgetown, Indiana, received her BA degree from Indiana University in telecommunications, with a minor in math and gender studies. During her study at IU, she joined the IUSTV News Department where she held the position of Senior Producer. In addition to her work at IUSTV, she took numerous high-level production courses, for which she became the primary editor and motion graphics artist. Before her senior year, Hannah obtained an internship at Tiny Hero, an entertainment marketing company in Burbank, California. 

In 2014 Hannah graduated from IU and was offered an assistant editor position at Tiny Hero. After about a year, she was promoted to post supervisor and recently post producer. Hannah continues to work at Tiny Hero as the post producer, overseeing the entire post department. She holds numerous responsibilities which include, but are not limited to, supervising AEs, editors, and graphic artists, managing deadlines, liaising between clients and the creative team, delivering all final creative per required specs. As Hannah continues to move forward in the industry, her goal is to become an entertainment marketing creative producer. As an Indiana native succeeding in the entertainment industry, Hannah hopes to provide other students from the Midwest advise, encouragement and opportunities to help them further their creative careers.

Matt Ganucheau


Matt Ganucheau, Director of Education at Gray Area, is a San Francisco based artist, composer, designer, and educator. With a passion for exploring the boundaries of interactive digital culture, he creates physical and sonic environments that engage his viewers by evoking a deeply reflective internal space. Matt‘s role is responsible for creating innovative and exploratory educational programs that focus on the intersection of digital art and technology.

Over the course of his multi-disciplinary professional career, Matt has worked for software companies such as California Academy of Sciences, Apple, Native Instruments, and SEGA while teaching at educational facilities such as E’xpression College for the Arts and Cellspace. He has exhibited work internationally and has been featured in publications such as WIRED, CNET, Adbusters, and The Huffington Post.

Matt graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Music Synthesis and received his Master’s degree from New York University’s Interactive Technology Program.

Chelley Sherman


Chelley Sherman is a new media artist and virtual designer based out of San Francisco. Her visual work creates narratives using elements of organic movement, texture and principles of light to build landscapes otherworldly. She is a mentor and educator at Gray Area, VR creator and developer, as well as a supporting visualist for SF techno artists.

Ken Fountain


Although a veteran of the Chicago theater and music scenes, Ken Fountain cut his teeth as an animator in the city’s thriving advertising market – creating character work for well respected studios like Calabash Animation and Radar.

In 2007 he was tapped to join the DreamWorks Animation crew in Glendale California, and given the privilege to contribute animated performances to many worldwide blockbusters, including “Monsters Vs. Aliens”, “Shrek 4”, “Kung Fu Panda 2”, “Megamind”, “Puss in Boots”, as well as parts of the “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise.

Ken stepped away from the studio system in 2011 to pursue a dream of directing animation for education, and formed his own brand of animated titles under the banner “Crackerbox”. The animated app “Geo-Me!” (world geography taught through animated, musical characters) launched with much acclaim on Apple’s App Store, and is still being downloaded and enjoyed in classrooms across the globe. Crackerbox’s second series of shorts, “Wizards in My Machine” is currently in production, with Ken holding all the levers – writing, directing, music composition, storyboarding, visual development, CG animation, compositing and editing.

Since leaving California, Ken has continued working with major studios and directors as an independent artist. Most recently, Ken had the pleasure of animating for “The Peanuts Movie” from Blue Sky Studios (2015), as well as 2016’s Oscar Nominated Google Spotlight Story “Pearl”, directed by Oscar-winning director, Patrick Osbourne (“Feast”), and the upcoming VR release “Rainbow Crow” by Baobab Studios, featuring John Legend.

From the smallest commercial houses, to the largest animation studios in the world, Ken has gained a wealth of experience and understanding of just how much it takes to produce all forms of animation. He is proud of having a unique ability to be focused and methodical, while still maintaining a loose and risky sense of creativity. The decades he spent writing music and performing on stage inform every choice he makes as an animator and director. And he hopes to continue to wake up every day and be given the ability to do this thing he loves – bring characters to life!

Jaydi Samuels


Jaydi Samuels penned the 250th episode of Family Guy, starring Liam Neeson, after which she consulted on MTV2's Celebrity Death Match, and wrote for WGN's Salem.  Most recently she was a producer on Adult Swim's The Jellies, on which she wrote three episodes, set to air this October.  Her pilot Three's a Couple, inspired by five of her friends who got married for Green Cards, was developed with Warner Brothers Television. She is a nationally-rated table tennis player.

Ben Greene


Ben Greene is a writer/actor (Animation Guild/SAG) based in Los Angeles. Most recently, Ben was a staff writer on a new animated series for DreamWorks.

Ben grew up in New York City and went to college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ben's writing has been featured on Funny Or Die, in the New York Television Festival, and on "The UCB Show" for NBC's Seeso. As an actor, Ben has appeared in the Disney film "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," in the Fox TV series, "Son of Zorn," and in a number of national commercials. Ben is a proud member of the Upright Citizens Brigade house sketch team New Money. Ben is also the creator of The Random Pairing Project (a web comic which was recently featured on The Huffington Post).

Lora Innes


Lora Innes is also both writer and artist of The Dreamer, a historical fantasy series about a teen named Bea Whaley who begins having dreams about the American Revolution. The Dreamer began as a webcomic which was collected and released in three volumes by IDW Publishing. The series has been nominated five times in the Harvey Awards.

Innes was also the series artist on IDW Publishing’s Wynonna Earp comic book adaptation of Syfy’s television show of the same name. She also co-hosted the Paper Wings Show, a podcast about elevating the craft of making independent comics.

Dave Ihlenfeld


Dave Ihlenfeld is a television comedy writer, best known for his work on "Family Guy" and "Malcolm in the Middle." His other claim to fame is being one of the select few to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. For one year after college, Dave traveled the hot dog highways of America and even piloted the wiener through Europe. He published a memoir about the experience called "Dog Days." Dave grew up in suburban Chicago and is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia. Currently, he's writing and producing an animated comedy for TBS with comedian Rhys Darby.

Steve Leeper


Steve has produced short films using pixilation, stop-motion, digital cutouts and drawn animation.  Steve was a freelance animator while leading workshops for the Chicago Children’s International Film Festival and teaching at Columbia College.   

Steve went on to Big Idea Productions to head up their 3D Layout department.  He contributed to many videos including the feature film Jonah: a VeggieTales Movie.  Later on Steve was one of the founding faculty of Digital Media Arts at Huntington University where as Director of Animation he helped students produce award-winning animation for over a decade.   

This fall Steve will join the Department of Art and Design at Central Michigan State University to begin building a new animation program.   You can see examples of his personal and commercial work on his JSL Studio/Vimeo page and view progress on his Br. Thomas project at



Over the course of her career, Brenda has worked with many studios to create short films, commercials and TV series.  She currently works as a puppet fabricator at renowned stop-motion studio, LAIKA, and was the Character Fabrication Supervisor for puppets used in the feature film "The Little Prince" (2015).  Her online company, Stop-motion Silicone, provides custom puppets and components to animators and studios around the world.

"A program like this helped me launch my business.  It was incredibly valuable.  Without the time, resources and mentorship that were given to me, I doubt I'd have achieved the success I've had in this industry so quickly.  I hope that I can, in turn, help other artists reach their goal as well."


bio_212_ducey copy.png


Born in Mississippi and raised in New Jersey, I began working in computer animation almost 20 years ago after earning a degree in art from University of Missouri, Kansas City.

My career began at a visualization company in Ames, Iowa. In my 3 years there I worked as a jack-of-all-trades on projects for The Smithsonian, National Geographic Television, Merck, Hewlett-Packard, and Disney Interactive among others. Following that experience I spent 3 years at Big Idea in the Chicago suburbs as a technical director working on VeggieTales and their first and only theatrical release, Jonah.

The next job brought me out to Portland, Oregon to work as a technical director for Vinton Studios for 3 years on a variety of commercial projects before the studio became LAIKA. Beginning with Coraline, I've been an integral part of the development of the AMPAS Scientific Award winning replacement animation process using 3D printing. I now supervise the evolution of this process as the technology progresses.


Chris Faylor

With over 15 years of video game industry experience working with both remote and office-based teams, Chris Faylor brings a unique perspective to the ever–shifting interactive media landscape. 

His past projects include the marketing and community efforts for the Borderlands series, which has since sold over 26 million units with a feature film adaptation in the works, as well as the resurrection of the fan-favorite Homeworld series. After leaving Gearbox Software, Chris joined Armature Studio where he worked alongside the key talent responsible for the acclaimed Metroid Prime series. 

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Chris currently resides in Austin, Texas where he oversees operations for JoyUs Media -- a production company formed by himself, Borderlands writer Mikey Neumann, and Cyanide & Happiness' Thaddeus Grant Fenton -- and also maintains a database of all upcoming major video game releases at


Jack C. Newell 

Jack C. Newell is an award-winning filmmaker and public artist whose work has been experienced worldwide. 

His feature length documentary, 42 Grams, about the restaurant of the same name will be released in late 2017. He is in post-production on the documentary series, How to Build a School in Haiti, that focuses on the construction of a single elementary school in rural Haiti to try to understand how we can win the fight against global poverty.

His previous narrative feature films are Hope Springs Eternal, Open Tables and Close Quarters. He is in development and pre-production on a number of other projects.

Jack is the Program Director of The Harold Ramis Film School at The Second City, the co-creator of Destroy Your Art, and the co-creator of the public art project, The Wabash Lights.


Stephanie Hansen

Stephanie Hansen is a literary agent, representing debut to New York Times bestselling authors. She's signed authors with small presses to major publishing house distribution. She received her Master’s in 2008 and Creative Writing Specialization in 2017. Predominately she represents YA SF/F but has a secret addiction for romance. While these are her favorite, she handles everything fiction from children's books to adult thrillers. Previously an editor for Mind’s Eye Literary Magazine, she became a part of Metamorphosis July 2016. Originally looking to help Midwest authors garner the attention of major publishing houses, despite residing in "flyover states", she found camaraderie with multiple agents and editors.


Additional mentors to be announced.


The application is a two-step process. Once the applicant pays the application fee, they will be prompted to fill out the initial application. Be prepared to provide:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Email
  • Education Level
  • Project Title
  • Project Description (one sentence)
  • Project Outline (two paragraphs)
  • Project Need (resident or satellite)
  • Link to Portfolio or Project Sample
  • Link to Social Media Accounts

All applications will then be reviewed and critiqued by the 212 Advisory Board. All applicants will receive the critique with additional questions about their proposal to respond to by a date to be determined by the Advisory Board. 


Fall Residency (August 6 - Jan 25) Deadline for applications:  April 27
Invitation to complete full application: May 25
Notification of Residency: June 18 - June 22
Residency begins: August 6

Spring Residency (Feb 18  - June 28) Deadline for applications: Sept 28
Invitation to complete full application: Oct 15
Notification of Residency: Nov 12 - Nov 16
Residency begins: February 18

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